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The perfect draw doesn't happen in real life.

concealable holster
Delta Wing Holster works with your natural movement.

About Delta Wing

G&G brings to the market an innovative design in their new Delta Wing series of holsters. Taking input from law enforcement, military, and competitive shooters they have released the Delta Wing.

The Delta Wing series holsters are made by a thermal molding process that envelops the weapon from the muzzle end while others wrap from the front or back. This allows the body of the holster to be split at the front and back.

The adjustable tension screw is moved low near the trigger guard and the end result is a holster that will not bind due to an imperfect draw stroke during dynamic movement.

Running forwards, backwards, or sideways makes a true vertical draw stroke almost impossible. The Delta Wing offers just enough forgiveness to allow for a slick presentation from the holster even when stress is high. The Delta Wing comes in both IWB and OWB versions.


low profile holster
Low Profile

Delta Wing’s unique and patent pending vertical fold is designed to provide maximum concealment and comfort while efficiently securing your weapon.

level 1 retention system
Level 1 Retention

Delta Wing grabs the weapon in two positions – the trigger guard and ejection port, allowing for solid Level 1 Retention, while providing for a fast and intuitive draw.

hear an audible click when pistol is secured
Audible Lock

2-point contact and extra thick and durable material provide an audible “click” to inform the user that the weapon is securely holstered.

adjustable tension
Adjustable Retention

Employs an easy to use tension screw to provide the flexibility to adjust the tension on the weapon to accommodate for user preference and environment.

low price holster

Delta Wing’s simple one-piece construction allows for an affordable, pragmatic design available to users regardless of budget.

easy to assemble
Easy Assembly*

OWB Delta Wing comes assembled with a mounted paddle. Switching to a belt loop requires only a minute and a Philips head screwdriver. Additional spacers can easily be included with the same screwdriver. Longer screws are included for use with spacers.
*IWB Delta Wing requires no assembly.

Sleek in design and engineered for split-second draw, the low profile Delta Wing holster is exceptionally lightweight and highly effective in easily securing and deploying your weapon. With its patent pending design, Delta Wing provides a sleek new look, Level 1 retention with a minimalist application, and a fast, forgiving draw.

  • Patent Pending open front and open back construction provides a fast, forgiving draw.
  • Patent Pending, vertical fold, single piece hinge design provides space efficient, Level 1 Retention.
  • Adjustable cant to accommodate body types and draw preference.
  • Ejection port and Trigger Guard retention for sound Level 1 retention.
  • Audible auto lock upon holstering allows user to ensure the weapon is properly holstered.
  • Intuitive design allows for FULL positive Shooter’s Grip on your weapon.
  • Less drag once retention is cleared during draw.
  • Allows for a fast, flexible, forgiving draw from any position.
  • Ergonomically contoured for superior comfort and fit.
  • Optional spacing pads included for additional adjustability.
  • Interchangeable paddle and belt loop (P100 OWB).
  • Snap-in tabs for belt loop accommodates various belt widths (P100 OWB).
  • Swivel belt loop allows for cant to accommodate wear and draw preference, and can be locked in for consistency (P110 IWB).
  • The swivel belt loop comes already mounted on the holster (P110 IWB).
  • For users that want to fix the position of the swivel belt loop, simply angle the belt loop in your preferred position, and tighten the screw to fix the position (P110 IWB).
low profile holster

Three Versions


OWB P100
Outside the waistband concealment holster.

Includes Paddle, Belt Loop, and Spacers.

Fits belts up to 1-3/4 in.



IWB P110
Inside the waistband concealment holster.

Includes swivels for comfort.

Can be worn strong side or cross draw.

For belts up to 1-3/4 in.


conceal bag carry holster

Sizes / Fits

Delta Wing is designed to accommodate specific handgun models. Please verify holster size and weapon-fit, and be sure to read all instructions and warnings prior to use.

Holster Fit Size Model #
outer waist band holster for glock 19 Glock 19 and 23 SIZE 19 P100-19
inner waist band holster for glock 23 Glock 19 and 23 SIZE 19 P110-19
outer waist band holster for glock 43 Glock 43 SIZE 5 P100-5
inner waist band holster for glock 43 Glock 43 SIZE 5 P110-5
outer waist band holster for sig p365 Sig P365 SIZE 15 P100-15
inner waist band holster for sig p365 Sig P365 SIZE 15 P110-15
outer waist band holster for s&w m&p shield S&W M&P Shield SIZE 8 P100-8
inner waist band holster for s&w m&p shield S&W M&P Shield SIZE 8 P110-8

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OWB P100 Series

  • Interchangeable paddle and belt loop. Both offer adjustable cant.
  • Snap-in tabs provided for use with belt loop to accommodate various belt widths
  • Optional spacer included to hold holster with more clearance from upper body so gun butt does not dig into wearer’s side…comfortable for women and full-bodied men. Additional spacing pads are included for additional adjustability regarding pitch angles of holster ride.
  • Additional longer screws for use with spacer and spacing tabs.

IWB P110 Series
Includes: Swivel Belt loop.

The Delta Wing series is molded specifically to fit a particular firearm or series of firearms. Please review the label information to help ensure that your holster is the proper size for your weapon. As with any new piece of equipment, you must familiarize yourself with the holster. READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS COMPLETELY BEFORE USING THIS HOLSTER. Then practice drawing and replacing the weapon until you are completely familiar with the holster’s use. PRACTICE WITH AN UNLOADED WEAPON.

This holster series offers some adjustments for your convenience. Please read the following instructions before attempting any adjustments. IMPORTANT: Make any adjustments or changes to the holster configuration WITHOUT A WEAPON in the holster. The holster MUST BE EMPTY.

PADDLE: If this holster is delivered with the paddle attached, the paddle can be adjusted to three positions: a forward cant, a straight-up-and-down position, or a rearward/cross-draw angle. To change the position of the paddle, use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the three mounting screws. Reposition the paddle to the desired angle. Replace the screws and tighten firmly.

To wear the holster, insert the paddle holster into your pants’ waistband, grip the EMPTY holster body with your shooting hand and tip the holster muzzle forward. With your other hand, open a small space between your body and the inside of your pants where the holster will be worn. Insert a corner of the paddle into this space and gently push the paddle downward while at the same time rotating the holster to a muzzle-down position. The holster will remain outside of the belt and waistband.

To remove the paddle holster, grip the EMPTY holster body with your shooting hand. Gently pull the bottom of the holster body (very slightly) away from the pants. At the same time, pull the holster body upward as you rotate the holster to a muzzle forward position (the reverse of the insertion motion).

BELT LOOP: To change to the belt loop (or change the position of the belt loop), use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the three mounting screws. Note the word FRONT molded into the belt loop. This belt loop is designed to be most comfortable when the word FRONT faces forward. This is true for right and left-handed users. Position the belt loop onto the holster in the desired position. Replace the screws and tighten firmly.

The belt loop will accommodate pants belts from 1-1/4” to 2” in width. For belts narrower than 2 inches, snap-in tabs are provided to adjust the size of the belt slots. These tabs are to be snapped in place by hand into the belt slots. You may use either of the two sizes of tabs, or both sizes together, depending on your belt width. You may slide the tabs to the top or bottom of the belt slots. This allows you to insert your belt through the belt slots above or below the tabs, so you can choose how high or low the holster rides.

SPACER: An optional triangular spacer is also provided to allow the holster body to be worn slightly away from the wearer’s body. Some women, stout men, or those who need the holster to clear ballistic vests or other garments may prefer to use the spacer. Please note that to utilize this spacer between the paddle or belt loop and the holster requires the use of three longer screws, which are included. Of the three longer screws, two are 5/8” in length and one is 1/2” in length.

Additional Spacing pads are also included to assist the user in adjusting the pitch angle of holsters ride on the hip. This is a matter of taste and can depending on where on the waist (2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, etc.) thus user prefers to wear the holster.

To install this spacer, remove the three original mounting screws from the holster and SAVE them. You will need these three original screws if you ever decide to wear the holster without the spacer. Position the spacer over the three protruding mounting nuts with the FLAT SIDE of the spacer against the holster. Position the paddle or belt loop over the spacer and align the mounting holes for the desired drawing angle. Carefully start the two 5/8” screws in the two top holes and the 1/2” screw in the bottom hole. Lightly screw in all three screws deeply enough so that the screws go through the paddle or belt loop and spacer and start into the holster body. Then, tighten each screw firmly.

P110 Series (IWB):
IWB Delta Wing holsters come equipped with a swivel belt loop. Note that the tension screw on the swivel belt loop may be left semi-loose to allow the holster to rotate with body movement, or the belt loop may be positioned at the user’s preferred angle of wear, and the tension screw tightened to fix the belt loop in that position.


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